Sulphur, in the form of sulphates, is a plant nutrient. It is an immobile element and deficiency symptoms, which resemble those of nitrogen deficiency, appear in the young leaves first. Sulphuric acid

Often known as 'battery acid', this acid used to be sprayed on to potato crops to kill the haulms, in order to prevent spores of blight penetrating the soil and reaching the tubers. Other chemicals can also be used but, now that the second mating type is present, with functional oospores in the soil, there is probably no further point in this practice. Sunflower

See: Helianthus annuus. Survival advantage

This term refers to both macro- and micro-evolution. That is, it applies to both evolutionary competition and ecological competition. It refers to any characteristic (e.g., horizontal resistance) that enables an individual to reproduce more effectively then its competitors. Survival of the fittest

A phrase often taken to mean natural selection.

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