Spinacia oleracea

Spinach, a member of the Chenopodiacea family. A potherb crop with complex genetics that is not generally recommended for amateur breeders Spine

See: Thorn. Spore

A microscopic, reproductive body of fungi, bacteria, and other organisms. Spores may be produced either sexually or asexually. They have the same reproductive, dissemination, and survival functions as the seeds of higher plants, except that asexually produced spores do not exhibit sexual recombination and variation. Sport

Mutants within a clone are often called sports. Many ornamental plants with variegated foliage are sports. Sprayers

Any machine, whether hand held or tractor-mounted, and used for applying liquid pesticides to a crop, is known as a sprayer. Most sprayers use pressure to force the liquid through a nozzle in order to produce a fine mist. Various nozzle designs produce solid cone, hollow cone, flat fan, and flooding applications, with different flow rates and different droplet sizes. Air-blast sprayers run the liquid into an air blast that breaks it into small droplets and, at the same time, tosses the leaves around in the blast to ensure that all plant surfaces are covered. Ultra-low volume (ULV) sprayers produce extremely small droplets and are used in areas where water is scarce. They are particularly useful against insects such as locusts, which have to eat the insecticide from only one droplet to be killed.

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