Sorghum vulgare

Synonym of Sorghum bicolor. Sorgo

See: Sorghum bicolor. Source of resistance

Mendelian breeders always need a source of resistance in order to undertake breeding for resistance to crop parasites. This source of resistance is usually controlled genetically by a single gene which is part of a gene-for-gene relationship, and which confers vertical resistance. If a source of resistance cannot be found, the breeding cannot be started. Biometricians working with polygenically controlled horizontal resistance do not need a source of resistance. This is because they only have to change the frequency of polygenes that are already present, at a low frequency, in the screening population, using recurrent mass selection . However, this general rule does not prohibit the use of resistant parents in a breeding program. Sowing

The process of planting seed (c.f., sewing). Soybean

Single and plural taxonomic abbreviations for species . Specialists amateur breeders should never hesitate to consult a specialist when they need factual information. However, they should beware specialists who belittle horizontal resistance.

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