Soap insecticides

A solution of soft soap (i.e., potassium soap) has been traditionally used to control aphids and similar insect pests. These days, water with a small content of washing-up detergent, can be used. The affected insects are unable to breathe and these insecticides are stable. Sociability scale

A five-point scale used to indicate the sociability (i.e., the degree of gregariousness or clumping) of a plant species . The scale runs from 1 (solitary) to 5 (pure stand). The most successful plant domestications have involved species with a high sociability. Social

A species is described as social when the individuals remain together in social groups. The converse is described as a 'solitary' species, in which individuals usually come together only purposes of mating. Social animals are easier to domesticate and dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, and goats are all social species. Social insects include the ants, termites, and bees. It is also possible to speak of 'social' plants that tend to grow in pure stands in the wild. These too are easier to domesticate than solitary species. See also: Sociability scale. Softwoods

Timber trees that are Conifers. The timber of these trees is able to store large amounts of water and this permits growth in areas that have dry summers. Softwood lumber is used mainly for building, and it is generally unsuitable for furniture.

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