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The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, is located in Washington, DC. This is the body that allocates funds, amounting to several hundred million dollars annually, to the International Research Centres. Consumers

  1. A term in economics: purchasers of market produce. Consumers are a significant factor in the self-organising food production system because they determine which items sell best. For this reason, they are also a significant factor in self-organising crop improvement.
  2. A term in evolution: one of the three primary groups of living organism, the others being producers and reducers. Consumers obtain their nutrients from other living organisms, and they include all herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and parasites. Contamination

From the point of view of plant breeders, contamination refers to unwanted foreign pollen that can accidentally enter the recurrent mass selection from outside, and introduce undesirable characteristics such as susceptibility. Contamination can also occur in cultures of plant pathogens. A distinction is also made between contaminated seed and infected seed. The former has parasites on the outside and can be decontaminated with surface seed dressings. The latter has internal parasites, which can be eliminated only by hot water treatment, or by systemic chemicals. Continuity

See: Continuous epidemic. Continuous distribution

Quantitative data that reveal a continuous spectrum of values between a minimum and a maximum. See also: Normal distribution.

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