See Carya pecan Pedigree breeding

The breeding method of the Mendelian s, also known as the gene-transfer breeding technique, which usually involves the transfer of a single gene from a wild plant to a cultivar. In practice, this gene usually controls resistance to a parasite, and it confers vertical resistance. The wild plant and the cultivar are hybridised, and the progeny segregate into those which carry the gene and those which do not. The progeny are mostly half way between the two parents in their yield and crop qualities. The best of the individuals which are carrying the gene for resistance is back-crossed to the original cultivar, with further segregation for resistance. The back-crossing is repeated until the progeny have all the desirable qualities of the original cultivar, as well as the gene for resistance from the wild plant. See also: population breeding, recurrent mass selection . Pedology

The science of soils, including their classification, formation, structure, and composition.

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