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Sainfoin. This is a fodder legume that was often used in place of alfalfa, but which is now in decline from competition with improved strains of clovers and alfalfa. It may be of local limited interest to amateur breeders On-site selection

Because the epidemiological competence of parasites varies from one agro-ecosystem to another, the requirement for horizontal resistance, to each of these parasite, also varies. If a cultivar is to be fully adapted to its agro-ecosystem, its selection during breeding must be conducted within that agro-ecosystem. Although this is called on-site selection, it means three things: that the selection work is conducted in the area of future cultivation, during the time of year of future cultivation, and according to the farming system of future cultivation. The purpose of on-site selection is to achieve local optimisation of the many quantitative variables that can occur within a cultivar, including the various horizontal resistances to locally important parasites.

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