Saaz hops

See: Humulus lupulus. Sabadilla

This natural insecticide has the lowest known mammalian toxicity. However, it is difficult to obtain commercially. Saccharum officinarum

Sugarcane. This giant grass is of very ancient domestication in New Guinea and it is derived from a continuous pathosystem. It consequently has no vertical resistance and it provides many magnificent examples of the utility and durability of horizontal resistance. There are about twenty-five cane breeding stations in the world and most of them still use pedigree breeding. The most notable exception is Hawaii, which uses a population breeding technique called the 'melting pot'. There is a detailed account in Return to Resistance, available as a sharebook at this website (<>).

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

This is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to growing organic, healthy vegetable, herbs and house plants without soil. Clearly illustrated with black and white line drawings, the book covers every aspect of home hydroponic gardening.

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