A species in which the population size is governed by the rate of reproduction, which is normally abbreviated to r. In its turn, the rate of reproduction is governed by the season. An r-strategist reproduces very cheaply, and very rapidly, with large numbers of very small offspring, whenever the weather and food supply permit. This behaviour produces a population explosion that is inevitably followed by a population extinction. Many plant parasites are r-strategists, and it is their population explosions that can be so alarming, so damaging, and so difficult to control. The gene-for-gene relationship, and the system of locking of the vertical subsystem, apparently evolved for the sole function of dampening the population explosions of r-strategist parasites. See also: K-strategist. Rubber

See: Hevea brasiliensis. Rubus spp.

The raspberries and blackberries. Several species are involved but this is not easy breeding for amateur breeders . Runner

Many plants have runners, which are a form of vegetative propagation . Runners are probably best known in strawberries, which can send out a stem that eventually produces a plantlet at its end. Russet Burbank

Possibly the most famous potato cultivar of them all.

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