Any process of decay, usually induced by rotting organisms. Some plant diseases are called rots, particularly the root rots and fruit rots. Rotation

A sequential changing of crop species on an annual basis, usually in a regular pattern, primarily in order to control soil-

borne pests and diseases. Rotation can also facilitate weed control, and it can optimise fertiliser use. Rotenone

A natural insecticide extracted from the roots of Derris elliptica in S.E. Asia, where it is used to control body lice, and from Lonchocarpus in South America, where it is used for paralysing fish. These plants are cultivated in a number of tropical countries and improved cultivars are available. No resistance to rotenone has ever been known to develop in any species of insect. Royalties

Plant breeders can earn royalties on the sale of their cultivars in the same way that an author earns royalties on his books. This is a relatively recent legal development and it was designed specifically to encourage private endeavour in plant breeding.

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