See: Oryza sativa. Ricinus communis

The castor oil plant. Castor oil has extraordinary lubrication properties because its viscosity changes only slightly with temperature, and it has a wide range of industrial uses. The plant cannot stand frost and its cultivation is limited to the tropics and subtropics. This is an easy crop to breed but its commercial importance is limited. Rimpau

Rimpau was a European farmer, who lived in Schlanstedt, and worked with rye, which is open-pollinated. At each harvest, he would collect the best looking heads and keep them for seed and, after twenty years, in the mid-nineteenth century, his rye was famous as the 'Schlanstedt Rye', with long heads and kernels that were nearly double the size of the unimproved, local, rye landraces. RNA

Ribonucleic acid, which exists in a variety of forms. These substances are present in all living cells and their function is to act as messengers carrying instructions from DNA for controlling the production of proteins. Rogue

In the course of seed certification for purity of cultivar, the parent crop is inspected, and any plants that belong to another cultivar are called rogues. They must be removed, in a process called 'roguing', before the seed from that crop can be certified. Root

Many of the larger plants have two kinds of root called feeder roots and anchor roots. The feeder roots are generally near the soil surface and their function is to absorb water and nutrients that are sent up the root and stem systems to the leaves and flowers. The anchor roots may have these functions also, but their primary function is to anchor the plant in the ground. Many other plants (e.g., grasses) have only one type of root, which fulfils both functions. Root hairs

Elongated cells that emerge from the roots like hairs. Their function is to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Root nodules

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