Study designed to discover or confirm new facts or concepts. Experimental research involves the use of experiments, which can occasionally be highly original and innovative. Conceptual research involves original thinking that attempts to discover a new idea, concept, hypothesis, or theory. Modelling, particularly computer modelling, is a form of research designed to test ideas that would be difficult to test in reality. Finally, library research is designed to discover the extent of existing knowledge in order to save time, and to avoid unnecessary repetition.

Most amateurs believe that research can be conducted only by highly trained scientists. This is not true, and amateur breeders should never be afraid of conducting their own research if they think it is within their capacity, and will solve one or more their problems. Resistance

The ability of a host to impede or prevent parasitism, in spite of the parasitic ability of the parasite. There are two kinds of resistance called vertical resistance and horizontal resistance respectively.

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