Recurrent mass selection

The breeding method of the Biometricians, designed to increase the levels of desirable, quantitative variables by changing the frequency of polygenes. In each screening generation, the best individuals are selected, and they become the parents of the next screening generation. This process is repeated for as many generations as necessary, but the rate of progress declines dramatically after a few generations. See also: early selection, Family selection, Late selection, Pedigree breeding, population breeding, recurrent mass selection . Red gram

See: Cajanus cajan. Reducers

Evolution has produced three basic types of organism called producers, reducers, and consumers. Reducers break down the organic chemicals of dead organisms, and they make these nutrients available for re-use by other organisms. Reduction division See: Meiosis.

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  • cottar
    What is mass selection acording to plantn breeding?
    6 years ago
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    What is mass recurrent selection in plant population?
    6 years ago
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    What is mass selection in plant breeding?
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