Prunus armeniaca

The apricot, which originated in western China and, like the peach, is normally self-pollinated. Apricots can be hybridised with plums to produce 'plumcots'. Not recommended for amateur breeders . Prunus avium

The sweet cherry, which is a diploid . There are also a number of other cherry species , some of which are tetraploid, including the sour cherry, Prunus cerasus. The commercial importance of cherries has declined with rising labour costs and the rewards for amateur breeders are unlikely to be great. Prunus domestica

The European plum, which is a hexaploid. Of rather specialised interest to amateur breeders . See also: Prunus americana. Prunus persica

The peach, which is the most important of the stone fruits. It originated in China and is a self-pollinating diploid . amateur breeders would face stiff competition from professional breeders.

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