See: Procaryote. Propagation

Plant propagation may be by true seed (sexual) or it may be vegetative (asexual ). Seed propagation may involve segregating seed, which does not 'breed true', a pure line, which does 'breed true', or a hybrid variety, which has hybrid vigour. Vegetative propagation is achieved with tubers, rhizomes, cuttings, grafts, bulbs, corms, etc. Protective fungicide

See: Fungicide. Protein

A nitrogenous organic compound that is an essential part of a living organism. Structural proteins form exoskeletons, hair, hoof and horn, muscles, etc. Functional proteins include most enzymes, antibodies, etc. Protein molecules are built up from about twenty different amino acids that are arranged in different orders in polypeptide chains. The grain legumes, or pulses, are the main source of plant protein in the human diet. Some plant proteins are not digestible by humans and these are liable to ferment in the lower gut causing flatulence.

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