A taxonomic category of primitive, mainly one-celled organisms, that lack a true nucleus and other specialised organelles. The DNA occurs as a loop in the cytoplasm. These are among the most primitive of living organisms and include all bacteria and cyano-bacteria. See also: Eucaryote. Producers

In an evolutionary sense, producers are those organisms that convert solar energy into dietary calories. They do this by using chlorophyll as a catalyst to combine carbon dioxide and water to form carbohydrates. See also: Reducers, Consumers.

In an agricultural sense, producers are farmers, because they produce food, as opposed to consumers who buy and eat it. Proefstation Oost Java

This was the Dutch sugarcane breeding station in Java where the famous POJ 2878 cane cultivar was produced. This cultivar has subsequently entered into the pedigree of just about every modern cane cultivar.

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