Parts per million; a measure of concentration. On the same basis, percentage is parts per hundred, and ppb is part per billion. Predator

In the context of crop parasites, a predator is any animal, usually an insect or a nematode, that eats the parasites, and thereby contributes to biological control. See also: Hyper-parasite. Predator-prey relationship

The category of parasitism in which there is a very low frequency of parasitism, but a very high injury from parasitism. For example, lions parasitise zebras. They only parasitise one zebra at a time, so the frequency of parasitism is minimal. But they consume that one zebra entirely, so the injury from parasitism is maximal. See also: Host-parasite relationship. Pre-harvest losses

Crop losses from parasites that occur in the field, as opposed to post-harvest losses that occur in the store. Princess pea

See: Psophocarpus tetragonobolus.

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