Positive screening

A plant breeding technique in which the best individuals in a genetically diverse population are preserved to become the parents, either of the next screening generation, or of new cultivar. See also: Negative screening. Post-harvest losses

Crop losses due to parasites that occur after harvest, usually in the store. These losses can be reduced or prevented by ensuring (i) that the stored product is dry, to prevent moulds developing, and (ii) that the product is in an airtight container that lacks oxygen, to prevent various animal pests from eating it. Potassium

A major nutrient of plants, represented chemically by the letter 'K', as in NPK, which stands for nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. The deficiency symptoms are complex. The older leaves show browning of the tips and margins, with numerous brown spots close to the margins. There may also be dieback of the shoots. Potato

See: Solanum tuberosum.

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