Polygenic inheritance

Any inheritance that is genetically controlled by many genes of small effect, called polygenes. Polygenic inheritance is quantitative in its expression, and it exhibits every degree of difference between a minimum and a maximum, usually with a normal distribution. Polyphyletic

A species that originated by hybridisation from more than one wild progenitor. Polyploid

An organism, usually a plant, which has more than two basic sets of chromosomes. Thus triploid, tetraploid, etc. See also: Allopolyploid, autopolyploid. Pome fruits

Fruits of the botanical family Rosaceae which contain several seeds in a so-called 'core'. The term includes apples, pears, quince, and medlar. See also: Stone fruits. Pomegranite

See: Punica granatum. Poplar

See: Populus spp.

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