See: Prunus spp. Pod

An ill-defined term for a dry dehiscent fruit, typically in the family Leguminoseae. Podosphaera

One of the six genera of the powdery mildews (Erysiphales). The cleistothecia have a single ascus and dichotomously branched appendages. Various species cause powdery mildews of the stone and pome fruits. Polhill

A farmer in Kenya who, in the 1950's, bred a famous cultivar of pyrethrum, now named after him, proving that plant breeding of many crops is within the capacity of amateur breeders . Pollen

The male cells of higher plants, produced in the anthers of Angiosperms, or the male cones of Gymnosperms. Plants have many and varied mechanisms for transferring pollen to the female organs for fertilisation. The most common are pollination by wind or insects.

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