Parenchymatous tissue that stiffens the inside of a stem. Plagiotropic branches

In a plant with dimorphic branching, the plagiotropic branches are the side branches that tend to grow horizontally and that bear the flowers and fruit. The orthotropic branch is the vertical stem that carries the apical meristem, and this is the branch that must be used for cuttings in crops such as coffee, cotton, and black pepper. Plant

The plant kingdom includes all multi-cellular organisms that contain chlorophyll. These are the multi-cellular algae, mosses, ferns, gymnosperms, and angiosperms. With the exception of some forest trees, all cultivated plants are angiosperms. Note that a few angiosperms that are parasitic (e.g., dodder, Striga, broomrape) do not contain chlorophyll. However, these parasites originally possessed chlorophyll. Plant breeders' rights

Plant breeders' rights are the equivalent of authors' copyrights. A registered cultivar will earn royalties for its breeder on all licensed sales of seed. amateur breeders should check the legislation and regulations of their own country. Plant breeding

The scientific discipline concerned with crop improvement by genetic methods. See also: Pedigree breeding, population breeding, Genetic engineering.

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