Phaseolus angularis

The Adzuki bean, probably a native of Japan, has been established since antiquity in China. The plants are self-fertile when bagged but cross-pollination is frequent. This makes it an easy crop for amateur breeders . Phaseolus aureus

The green or golden gram, Mung bean. A popular bean in China and India because it causes little flatulence. In China it is used for making 'bean sprouts'. This bean is self-pollinating and amateur breeders should commence by selection within existing populations.

This is a domesticated crop whose wild progenitors are extinct. Phaseolus calcaratus

The rice bean. This is a self-pollinating Old World tropical bean that is eaten with rice, or in place of rice, in the Far East. Phaseolus coccineus

The scarlet runner bean. A plant of the humid tropical uplands which originated in Central America. The young green pods are eaten sliced and boiled, and the dried seeds can also be cooked and eaten. Of local interest.

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