A system of measuring acidity on a scale of 1-14, with neutrality at pH7.0, with increasing acidity below, and increasing alkalinity above pH7.0. The scale is logarithmic. This means that, say, pH4 is ten times more acid than pH5, which is ten times more acid than pH6, and so on. Phaseolous acutifolius

The Tepary bean is of very ancient domestication in Mexico and was later replaced to a large extent by Phaseolus vulgaris. Of limited interest to amateur breeders . Phaseolus aconitifolius

Moth, or mat bean. This is a very drought-resistant, self-pollinated grain legume that requires hot tropical temperatures. The green pods may be eaten as a vegetable, the seeds are eaten cooked, and the plant makes a useful forage crop. Of local interest to amateur breeders .

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