Parasite interference

When the levels of parasitism are being measured in small test plots, the movement of parasites from one plot to another can cause measurement errors of several hundred-fold. This phenomenon is called parasite interference, or interplot interference. Because it involves allo-infections, the effects of unmatched vertical resistance are greatly enhanced in small plots, in comparison with the effects of horizontal resistance which are greatly diminished. More than any other, this phenomenon has misled crop scientists over the relative values of the two kinds of resistance. Parasite interference has also caused serious errors in field trials that have led to unnecessarily high rates of pesticide use. Parasitic ability

The ability of a parasite to cause parasitism, and to inhabit and obtain nutrients from a living host, in spite of the resistance of that host. There are two kinds of parasitic ability called vertical and horizontal parasitic ability respectively. Parasitism

The process in which a parasite inhabits, and obtains nutrients from, its host.

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