New encounter parasite

If a parasite and its host evolved independently, in different parts of the world, and were then brought together by people, the parasite is described as a new encounter parasite. The parasite would have evolved originally on a botanical relative of its new host. Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) is a new encounter parasite, which evolved in Mexico, while its crop host evolved in South America. The new encounter occurred in Europe. See also: Old encounter, Re-encounter. NGO

Non-governmental organisation. Nicotiana spp.

N. tabacum produces commercial tobacco, used for smoking, chewing, and snuff. N. rustica has a much higher nicotine content than N. tabacum, and it is occasionally used for smoking, and for nicotine extraction for use as an insecticide. Horizontal resistance is particularly important in tobacco intended for smoking, as these leaves must obviously be entirely free of chemical pesticides. Tobacco is an easy crop to breed but the now widespread dislike of smoking means that this is a crop in decline. It is not recommended to amateur breeders for this reason. However, pyrethrum shows promise as an alternative for tobacco farmers, and this is a suitable crop for amateur breeders.

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