Any substance or process (e.g., exposure to radio-activity) that induces mutations. Occasionally, induced mutations can be useful in crop plants, and the techniques of inducing them are usually considered to be plant breeding tools which, however, are not recommended for amateur breeders . Mutant

An individual or clone that exhibits a mutation. Often called a sport. Mutation

A mutation is a change that occurs in a single gene. A mutant is an individual, or a clone, that exhibits such a change. Mutants that occur within existing clones of cultivated plants are often called sports. Mutations are usually deleterious in wild plants, but crop mutations occasionally have agricultural value. The special features of many ornamental plants, such as variegated leaves, are often due to mutations. Mycelium

The microscopic filaments of a fungus. When seen in the mass, macroscopic mycelium is often called mould.

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