Morning glory

See: Ipomea. Morus spp.

The mulberry. Morus nigra is the black mulberry, an ancient crop native to the Middle East and cultivated for its fruit for many centuries in the Mediterranean area. Morus alba is the white mulberry which originiated in China and is used for feeding silkworms. Mosaic

In plant pathology, many virus diseases are called 'mosaic'. This term is also applied to the symptoms of these viruses, which produce a leaf mottling of normal and abnormal colouration. There is little difference between a mosaic and a mottle. Mosquitoes

Flies of the family Culicidae, in the Order Diptera. These insects are vectors of several serious, tropical, human diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, filariasis, and encephalitis. They are relevant here because of their resistance to unstable insecticides.

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