The most frequent quantitative variable within a mixed population. For example, height in people ranges from the minimum to the maximum, and this character has a normal distribution. Very short people are rare. So are very tall people. The most frequent height is the mode. This distribution is represented by the 'bell-shaped' or Gaussian curve, and it is typical of other quantitative variables such as horizontal resistance. With a normal distribution, the mode is also the mean, or the average. With a skewed distribution, the mode and the mean are different. Moko disease

A wilt disease of banana caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas solanacearum. Molasses

The sweet syrup of non-crystallising sugars left over from the refining of cane sugar. This syrup is utilised in cattle feed, and in the fermentation of rum. It is also refined into treacle for human consumption. Mold

The American spelling of mould. Molecular biology

A modern branch of biology in which biological phenomena are studied at the systems level of the molecule. It includes the study of single genes and genetic engineering. Molecule

The smallest part of a chemical compound that can take part in a chemical reaction. A molecule consists of a group of atoms,. Momordica charantia

The bitter gourd, bitter cucumber, or balsam pear. This monoecious vine originated in the Old World and is now common throughout the tropics. The young fruits are peeled and steeped in water to remove the bitterness before cooking. This crop is amenable to improvement by amateur breeders . Monkey nut

See: Arachis hypogea.

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