Latent period

In plant pathology, the period between infection and the start of pathogen reproduction. One of the many mechanisms of horizontal resistance is to increase the latent period, thus reducing the reproductive rate of the pathogen. Lead

Before the days of DDT and synthetic insecticides, highly dangerous compounds of lead were often used to kill crop pests. Leaf

The main site of photosynthesis, leaves are thin laminae of green tissue, and are typically carried by a stem-like petiole that emerges from a node of the stem. There is usually a leaf bud in the axil of each leaf. Leaf hopper

Insects of the family Cicadellidae. Many are serious pests of crop plants. Leaf miner

A plant parasitic insect that mines a tunnel between the upper and lower surfaces of a leaf. The tunnel has a white, translucent appearance, and it starts quite narrow but broadens as the insect larva increases in size.

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