Iron is an important plant nutrient. It is a component of many enzymes. Iron is also an immobile nutrient and iron deficiency shows first in the young leaves which become pale green and then yellow, even necrotic, but the veins tend to remain green. IRRI

The International Rice Research Institute, located at Los BaƱos, Philippines. This is one of the CGIAR research stations. Irrigation

The process of supplying a crop with water. Irrigation may be overhead irrigation with sprinklers, or furrow irrigation with water poured between the rows. Flood irrigation is used with rice paddies, and with the annual floods of a river such as the Nile. In areas where water is scarce, drip irrigation and subsurface irrigation are now used. Isatis tinctora

This plant provides a natural blue dye called woad, which is inferior to indigo. Isolate

This word can be either a noun or a verb. The noun usually refers to a micro-organism that has been obtained as a pure culture from a mixture of organisms. The verb refers to the process of making an isolate. Isolation from foreign pollen

When subjecting an open-pollinated crop to recurrent mass selection , it must be isolated from other compatible crops to ensure that no unwanted pollen from outside introduces unwanted characteristics, such as susceptibility, in the population breeding. Isolation to protect neighbours

A plant breeding clubs may choose to isolate its work, in either time or space, or both, in order to protect neighbours from crop parasites. For example, the screening plots might be located in the middle of a large field or farm growing a different species of crop. In general, however, the requirements of on-site screening restrict the possibilities of isolation in both time and space.

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