Inorganic chemicals

Any chemical compound that does not contain one or more carbon atoms. It is noteworthy that plants absorb all their nutrients as inorganic chemicals (e.g., nitrates, phosphates, potash) while the higher animals, and people, absorb all their nutrients as organic chemicals. The exception is iron; plants absorb it in organic form while animals absorb it in inorganic form. Animals also absorb water, oxygen, and common salt as inorganic chemicals. Insect cages

Small cages, usually constructed of stiff wire covered in muslin or mosquito netting, and used to cover an individual plant in order to confine insects to that plant. The main use for insect cages in plant breeding is to multiply insects for purposes of inoculating a screening population. Alternatively, insect cages may be used to protect research plants from natural infestation, or to measure the population growth rate of an insect, as an indication of host resistance to that insect. Insect culture

The multiplication of insects, usually in insect cages, for purposes of inoculating a screening population. This inoculation might involve screening for horizontal resistance to the insect in question, or for horizontal resistance to a virus disease of which the insect in question is a virus vector. Insecticide

A pesticide that kills insects. An insecticide may provide a stable protection (e.g., natural pyrethrins, rotenone, nicotine, soap, oils, etc.) in which case it does not break down to new insecticide-resistant strains of the insect. Or it may provide an unstable protection (e.g., DDT, and most modern synthetic insecticides) and lead to a boom and bust cycle of insecticide production.

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