Inbreeding grain legumes

The following grain legumes are inbreeders:

All cultivated species of Phaseolus, Arachis, Cicer, Glycine, Lablab, Lens, Pisum, Psophscarpus, and Voandzeia. See also: Outbreeding legumes. Incompatibility

When both self- and cross-pollination are unable to fertilise, the pollination is described as incompatible. See also: Self-incompatibility. Incubation period See: Latent period. Indeterminate

Some crops, such as haricot beans, can have either the determinate or the indeterminate habit. With the former, they are self-supporting, bushy plants. And with the latter, they grow as vines. Potatoes are determinate plants but, when grafted on to tomatoes, they become indeterminate, and this is a very useful technique when many flowers are needed for the production of true seed for breeding purposes.

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