Holistic approach

A systems term meaning that systems analysis, or systems management, is being conducted at the highest feasible systems level. The converse, in which the system is studied at the lower systems levels, is called the merological approach. The holistic approach is essential if suboptimisation is to be avoided. Homeostasis

The ability of a system to maintain an optimum in all its variables, and to recover from swings away from this optimum, at any systems level. The recovery is the result of negative feedback. For example, if a man gets too hot, he sweats, and the evaporation of the sweat cools him down. Conversely, if he gets too cold, he shivers, and this unconscious exercise warms him up. See also: Genetic homeostasis. Homogeneous

Of the same descent (c.f., homogenous = of different composition). Pronounce it homogeneous c.f., homogenous, as in homogenised milk). See also: heterogeneous, heterogenous.

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