Nomadic people who had domesticated a social (i.e., herding) species of animal. Surviving herder societies include the

Laplanders who herd reindeer, and the Masai, who herd cattle. The earliest known herders date from 20,000 years ago, and they herded Barbary sheep in North Africa. Heritability

The percentage of a plant's quantitative variable that is due to genetics, the remaining percentage being due to environment. For example, a plant may have a zero level of parasitism because the parasite is absent from the area in question. It appears to have 100% resistance. However, if the parasite were present with maximum epidemiological competence, the plant might have a 50% level of parasitism. The heritability of that apparent 100% resistance would then be only 50% (i.e., half of the original apparent resistance is inherited and can be inherited by the progeny, while the other half is an environmental effect that cannot be transmitted to the progeny).

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