The West African name for okra, Abelmoschus esculentus. Gum trees

See: Eucalyptus spp. Guttation

The excretion of water by plants, usually at night, when atmospheric humidity is high, and transpiration is restricted. Typically, this makes lawns wet in the early morning. This wetness is often mistakenly called dew. A true dew is caused by condensation of water from a saturated atmosphere. Gymnosperm

Seed forming plants whose seeds are not protected by a seed coat. This group includes the conifers, cycads, yews, and Ginkgo. Gymno- is Greek for naked, and the name Gymnosperm has the same root as gymnasium. Gymnosporangium

A genus of rust fungi, in which most species are heteroecious, with the summer stage mainly on Cupressus spp., and the winter (sexual) stage on pome fruits.

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