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The cooling of a plant breeding greenhouse in the tropics can be difficult. The external surface of the glass or plastic can be sprayed with a heavily diluted white plastic emulsion paint in order to reduce the light absorption. Rapid changes of air, by extraction fan if possible, and the evaporation of large amounts of water, offer the most efficient and the most economical cooling. Refrigeration is far too expensive and should not be contemplated. Greenhouse effect

This is a geophysical effect, in which the so-called greenhouse gasses (i.e., carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) in the atmosphere are transparent to sunlight but opaque to radiant heat. This phenomenon is believed to lead to global warming. Greenhouse gasses

See: Greenhouse effect. Greenhouse screening

Screening a breeding population inside a greenhouse. Because of the requirements of on-site selection, greenhouse screening is inadvisable, except when breeding a crop that is to be cultivated in a commercial greenhouse. However, other components of the breeding cycle (e.g., multiplication, single seed descent, pollination) may be undertaken out of season in a greenhouse in order to reduce the total breeding time. Grid screening

Grid screening is a technique for overcoming parasite gradients and patchy distributions of parasites, in field screening. The entire screening population is divided into a grid of suitably-sized squares, and relative measurements are used to select the best individual in each square. Squares that are totally free of a parasite should be eliminated from the screening process. Gros Michel

The most popular cultivar of banana during the first half of the twentieth century. It eventually went out of production because of Panama disease. Nevertheless, the continuous monoculture of a single clone, for half a century, over a huge area in the tropics, where there is no closed season, was a remarkable achievement. Groundnut

See: Arachis hypogea. Groundnut, Bambara

See: Voandzeia subterranean.

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