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See: Citrus paradisi. Grassland

Most grasslands are natural, and sown grassland (pasture) is a relative new concept in agriculture. Natural grasslands are known variously as savannah, prairie, pampas, scrub, veldt, chaparral, and steppes. Grass

Any member of the botanical family Gramineae. This family includes the cereals, the fodder grasses, sugarcane, and, according to some taxonomists, the bamboos. Green manure

A crop grown specifically for improving the soil by being ploughed into the soil while still green. Green manures often consist of legumes which fix nitrogen. Green pea

See: Pisum sativum. Green Revolution

The Green Revolution resulted from the development of dwarf wheats and rices that could tolerate heavy applications of nitrogenous fertiliser without lodging. This led to major increases in the world production of food and earned Norman Borlaug a richly deserved Nobel Peace Prize in 1970.

There is a more detailed account in Return to Resistance (available as a sharebook at this website). Greenhouse

Both glass and plastic sheet are transparent to light but opaque to radiant heat. A greenhouse absorbs sunlight which is re-radiated internally as heat. Temperate greenhouses have the problem of inadequate sunlight during winter and at night, and they have to be artificially heated. Tropical greenhouses have the problem of excessive heat, and they have to be cooled. Refrigeration is prohibitively expensive, and the best cooling is by good ventilation that evaporates large amounts of water. Greenhouses also protect plants from rain and hail, and they can be fumigated.

Commercial greenhouses are used for producing crops out of season. In plant breeding, research greenhouses are used mainly to reduce the length of the breeding cycle by increasing the number of plant generations in one year.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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