Genetic code

The system of genetic information storage in DNA and RNA molecules in living organisms. The genetic code is analogous to writing, as a method of storing information. Genetic conservation

The preservation of genetically controlled characters in gene banks, which consist either of stored seeds, or of living museums in botanic gardens and arboretums. The concept of genetic conservation was first developed by Mendelians with respect to vertical resistance genes. It is of relatively minor importance for biometricians, and polygenically inherited characters such as horizontal resistance. However, the conservation of old cultivar is of considerable importance to organic farmers, at least until such time as superior, new, horizontally resistant cultivars become available. Genetic diversity

Genetic diversity means that the individuals within a population differ in their inherited attributes. Wild plant populations are typically diverse. Most subsistence crops in tropical countries are also diverse. But modern commercial crops usually have genetic uniformity. A genetically diverse population has genetic flexibility. A fundamental ecological principle states that diversity leads to stability.

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