Most grain legumes cause flatulence because they contain proteins that are indigestible, and which ferment in the lower bowel to produce carbon dioxide and other gasses. Some reduction of the flatulence factors is possible by breeding, and this could be a breeding objective of amateur breeders . Flax

See: Linum usitatissimum. Flecks, hypersensitive

See: Hypersensitive. Flexibility

See: Genetic flexibility. Flocking of birds

The phenomenon in which birds in flight behave as a single entity. This behaviour is thought to provide protection against predators. It is an excellent example of an emergent property that is observable only at the systems level of the population. A scientist studying a single bird (e.g., a pigeon) in an aviary could not observe or analyse the flocking habit. This failure to work at the higher systems levels constitutes suboptimisation. See also: Schooling, n/2 model. Floret

A single flower in an inflorescence that is made up of many flowers grouped together.

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