Field trials

Typically, these are statistical trials carried out under field conditions. The statistics involved used to be the bane of agricultural students' lives but these days they are handled entirely by computer. Note that statistical trials are very valuable when comparing cultivar, spacing, or fertiliser use for variables such as yield and crop quality. But they can be very misleading when comparing treatments for the control of crop pests and diseases, because of parasite interference. Note also that statistical trials measure the probability of small differences being real differences. Big increases in yield or horizontal resistance do not need statistical trials and, for this reason, they are not usually necessary for amateur breeders . Fig

See: Ficus carica. Filbert

See: Corylus avellana. Finger millet

See: Eleusine coracana. Fir, Douglas

See: Pseudostuga menziesii. Fire-blight

A disease of trees in the Rosaceae family (e.g., apple, pear, hawthorn) caused by a bacterium called Erwinia amylovora. Diseased trees appear to have been scorched by fire.

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