Ficus carica

The edible fig. This is a vegetatively propagated crop of very ancient domestication, which originated in southern Arabia. It has been cultivated in the Mediterranean basin since antiquity and, more recently, it has been taken to all suitable areas of the world. Several Mediterranean countries produce large amounts of dried figs, and fig paste, for export. The so-called fruit is a complex organ containing numerous minute flowers on its inner surface, and these are pollinated by the fig wasp (Blastofaga psenes), which enters through a very small pore at the distal end. About 600 distinct clones have been recognised. Dottato is an ancient Roman cultivar of fig that was mentioned by Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) and which is still being cultivated in Italy. These figs are of interest because of their ancient clones, which demonstrate both the utility and the durability of horizontal resistance. Fig breeding is technically complicated, and is not recommended for amateur breeders .

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