Eucalyptus spp

A genus of trees, known as gum trees, originating in Australia. These fast-growing trees are an excellent source of fire-wood in areas that are short of fuel for cooking. They are now widespread throughout the tropics and subtropics. There is considerable scope for amateur breeders to select within existing populations for fast growth. Eucaryote

All organisms, other than bacteria and cyano-bacteria, are eucaryotes, and they are characterised by consisting of cells that contain a distinct nucleus enclosed in a membrane and containing chromosomes, as well as other specialised organelles. See also: Procaryote. Eugenia carophyllus

The clove tree, which originated in the spice islands of the Moluccas, in eastern Indonesia. The cloves of commerce are the dried, unopened buds, and they became a monopoly of the Portuguese in the early sixteenth century. The Dutch gained the monopoly in 1605, and kept it for two centuries. Later, cloves were taken to many areas, but they flourished best in Zanzibar, which became the main producer. Cloves are now grown increasingly in Indonesia, where they are in great demand for clove cigarettes.

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