Erythroxylon coca

Coca, the source of cocaine, native to tropical and subtropical South America. Escapes from parasitism

See: Chance escape. Essential oils

This term means 'essence' rather than indispensable. Essential oils are obtained from a wide variety of plants, and the oil is extracted either by distillation or by solvents, which are then evaporated off and re-used. Most essential oils are used in the perfume industry but a few have medicinal uses. Many of them offer scope for amateur breeders who, however, should be aware of the very limited markets that are easily saturated. Ethrel

The trade name for ethephon, which is 2-(chloro-ethyl)-phosphonic acid. It is an ethylene (ethene) generator when applied to plant surfaces. Ethylene has numerous physiological effects, such as inducing synchronous flowering and fruit ripening, which assists mechanical harvesting, etc. Ethrel is also used as male gametocide to induce random cross-pollination for recurrent mass selection in inbreeding cereals such as wheat.

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