A somewhat pedantic term, sometimes used to describe an epidemic in plants, on the grounds that the Greek root demos refers to people. But the term 'epidemic' is an English word, and common usage allows it to be applied to plants and animals. Note that epiphytology is the study of epiphytes, and that the study of epiphytotics is epiphytotiology. These usages are not recommended. See Also: Epizootic. Epizootic

A somewhat pedantic term (pronounced epi-zoh-otic), sometimes used to describe an epidemic in animals. The study of epizootics is epizootilogy. These usages are not recommended. See also: Epiphytotic. Eradication

Eradication, like the word 'unique', is a word that must be qualified with caution. Eradication is an absolute, which either does or does not succeed. In the present context, it means the total and complete elimination of a pest or disease, within a stated area. For example, eradication of the accidental introduction of Colorado beetle of potatoes in Germany was successful, but attempts to eradicate a later introduction in France failed, and this pest then became firmly established in Europe. Occasional appearances of the beetle in Britain have been successfully eradicated. Eragrostis curvula

A subtropical fodder grass native to Southeast Africa.

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