Ensete ventricosa

This member of the banana family is grown for food in Ethiopia. Ensete edule is also cultivated for food in this area. These crops are not recommended for amateur breeders . Entomologists

Scientists who study the science of insects, or entomology. Entomology

The scientific discipline concerned with the study of insects. Crop entomology is concerned with the study and control of insects that are crop parasites, crop pollinators, or agents of biological control and integrated pest management. Entropy

The degree of disorder or randomness of the constituents of a system. In a closed system, entropy increases. That is, all energy gradients disappear, and complexity of pattern is reduced to total simplicity of pattern. Its converse is negative entropy (negentropy). In an open system, negentropy can increase. All living systems are open systems.

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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