Downy mildews

Plant parasitic fungi of the Order Peronosporales, so called because they produce a very light, white mildew on the external surfaces of the plant lesions, usually on the lower leaf surfaces. The best known members are potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) and downy mildew of grapes (Plasmopora viticola). Downy mildews were originally controlled by Bordeaux mixture. Dried blood

Obtained from slaughter houses, dried blood is often used as an organic fertiliser. However, the supply is strictly limited. Drought resistance

The ability of a plant to withstand drought. This property can be very valuable in areas of uncertain rainfall. For example, sorghum has greater drought resistance than maize, and is grown in many semi-arid areas for this reason. Duram wheat

See: Triticum durum. Durra

See: Sorghum bicolor.

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