Dioscorea trifida

The cush-cush yam is the only cultivated yam that is indigenous to the New World. Not recommended for amateur breeders . See Dioscorea spp., for a description of the genus . Dioscorides

Pedanus Dioscorides was a first century Greek physician who wrote a standard work called De Materia Medica that concerned plants and minerals of medical significance. Diploid

A cell or a plant with two sets of chromosomes. One set comes from each parent. Diploidy is the normal state in most plants and animals. See also: Doubled monoploid, Haploid, Tetraploid, Triploid, Dikaryon. Diptera

The Order of insects called flies, characterised by having only one pair of wings. This is one of the largest orders of insects. The Order includes biting insects such as black flies, mosquitoes, and sand flies. Houseflies are carriers of human diseases such as typhoid and cholera, and this was the first insect to develop resistance to DDT.

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