Cynara scolymus

The globe artichoke. This Mediterranean crop is a perennial thistle and is vegetatively propagated, because true seedlings are very variable. Cynodon dactylon

Star grass, also known as Bermuda grass or Bahama grass. One of the most widely dispersed grasses in the tropics and subtropics, extending even to S.W. England. While it can be a serious weed, with fast-growing rhizomes and runners, it can be useful as both a pasture grass and a turf grass. It is usually propagated vegetatively, but some forms can be sown by seed. Non-rhizomatous, high-yielding strains are known and are very useful. There is scope for amateur breeders . Cyphomndra betacea

The tree tomato. This tree is not a true tomato but it belongs to the same family (Solanacea) and it has fruits that taste like tomatoes. Cyrtosperma chamissonis

Giant taro. This plant is a huge herb growing up to four metres in height, grown for its tubers that take several years to mature, with a record of a sixty kilogram tuber in a plant ten years old. It is propagated vegetatively and it is usually grown in swamps. Cytoplasm

The contents of a cell that are enclosed by the membrane, but excluding the nucleus.

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