The outermost layer of the epidermis. A thick cuticle is often a mechanism of resistance. Cuttings

Pieces of stem that are planted so that they may form roots and, eventually, new plants by vegetative propagation . All the cuttings originating from a single parent constitute a clones. The best method of rooting cuttings is in a mist-propagator. Cyamopsis tetragonolobus

The cluster bean, or guar, is a member of the Leguminosae. Its wild progenitors are extinct but it is thought to have been a native of Africa, taken at an early date to S.E. Asia, where it now has many uses. It is also grown as a cash crop in Texas and Oklahoma. Some scope for amateur breeders in S.E. Asia. Cyanide

Any of the highly poisonous salts of hydrocyanic acid, particularly potassium cyanide. It was used as an insecticide before the discovery of DDT and later synthetic insecticides. Cyano-bacteria

Also called the blue-green algae, these prokaryote organisms contain photosynthesising pigments. They were apparently the first producers to appear on the evolutionary scene, and they have survived until the present. Cyclone separator

Equipment for separating dust or other fine particles from air. The dusty air is spun as a cyclone inside a hollow cone. Being heavy, the solid particles are thrown against the sides of the cone by centrifugal force, and they sink to the calm air at the bottom of the cone. The clean air escapes through the top of the separator. This is equipment is usually quite large, and handles big quantities of dusty air being extracted from a factory or mill. However, miniature versions are made for collecting relatively large quantities of microscopic pollen grains, rust spores, etc.

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