Cucumis sativus

Cucumbers and gherkins. This species originated in India. There is a wide range of cultivar. The so-called 'English' cucumber has long fruits that are used mainly in salads and sandwiches. Pickling cucumbers have small fruits and are pickled as gherkins. The 'Sikkim' cucumber of India has reddish-brown fruits. All members of this species are monoecious, annual herbs, and some are parthenocarpic. There is considerable scope for recurrent mass selection by amateur breeders. Cucurbita maxima

The pumpkin, also known as the winter squash. This species has extremely large fruit that is widely used for making Jack-o'-lanterns at Hallowe'en. The fruit and seeds are edible. The species is monoecious and should be regarded as a fun crop for amateur breeders .

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  • Hobson
    Is cucumis sativus an annual crop?
    8 years ago

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